[SalesForce] Does Quote Line Item reference back to which OLI it relates to

I'm trying to find out if a Quote Line Item has any reference back to which Opportunity Line Item it relates to. Does it??

The reason is that I have extra fields on the OLI which I need to pull into the QLI and so need to do something that can pull this info into the QLI. Ideally, I'd like a 'point and click solution' (e.g. workflow or formula) to do this – is it possible? I know I can work it out in a trigger using the Quote.Opportunity reference, the pricebook2id and other fields and look for a match but this feels like too much effort to do something simple.

Something like the 'Map Lead Fields' when converting a Lead would be ideal in this case…

Best Answer

As @PeterKnolle pointed out, there isn't a relationship.

Fortunately, there is a Force.com lab packages out there that can let you sync custom fields from opportunity line items to quote line items, we've been using it for a while without any major issues. It's rough if you look at the code, but considering the lack of maintenance it's very effective and bug free

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