[SalesForce] Does Salesforce Analytics allow reporting on Custom Objects and External Data

I am required to find out some information and I am struggling a little with the information available online. Are the following assumptions correct?

  1. External Data can be imported into Salesforce Analytics(Wave) for use in reporting/dashboards etc (I read a little regarding the API).
  2. Custom Object data can be used to generate the eye-pleasing reports they show in the demo's? These objects are linked to the accounts/contact standard objects but NOT the sales pipeline objects (lead/campaigns etc etc).

If we can use external data and custom objects to build the reports – we are likely to try wave out.


Best Answer

Both Assumptions are correct.

Following connections are possible with Wave to import data in Salesforce :

enter image description here

Regarding point #2, We tried linked custom object with Account but still not able to see those object in Analytics data set. So, this point needs to be confirmed practically. Demo videos show custom object are supported.

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