[SalesForce] Error for Dispatch Page on Salesforce1

I have a dispatch page on account.When i am crearting a "new record" meaning new button the dispatch page redirects to a different page depending on the record type selected. It is working fine on the pc but when I try it on Salesforce1 it is giving an error message:

The page you are to access is not supported on mobile devices.

Steps I have taken:

1.Enabled the dispatch for Salesforce1.

2.Enabled all the Visualforce page that we are redirecting to.

I don't understand what I am I missing here.

Best Answer

I have the same issue and have a solution. Here is the setup:

  1. Visualforce override for New and Edit
  2. Object has multiple recordtypes, so the VF page is a dispatch page to forward the user to the right URL for the selected recordtype.
  3. When creating the override, the option to "Skip Record Type Selection Page" is NOT checked.

I've found that it is the recordtype selection page that is causing the error. Checking this box allows the VF page to function, but this means that you have to build your own record type selection page and this custom record type selection page will be used in both Salesforce1 and in the browser.

If you want to build your own recordtype selection page that looks as much like the default selection page as possible, you'll need to also build a mobile recordtype selection page. Then you can use the JavaScript navigation object to send users to the mobile record type selection page when they are in Salesforce1.