[SalesForce] Exact Target dynamic subject line in A/B testing

We would like to do an A/B Test using two different subject lines (Which is easy). We also want one of the subject lines to contain personalisation (which is also easy). However not everyone has a firstname specified.

When using A/B subject line testing are you able to use AMP scripting in the subject line – so we can add the logic of 'IF FIRSTNAME IS EMPTY THEN SAY 'XXXX' ELSE 'Hi %%firstName, here is your subject line'.

I have tried setting it up – has anyone successfully added AMP scripting in the subject line whilst using AB split tesing?


Best Answer

How I typically do this


set @subjectline = "Don't miss out on these offers"
set @firstname = FirstName

if Not Empty(@firstname) then
    set @subjectline = Concat(@firstname,", ",@subjectline)


Then set the subject line to be %%=v(@subjectline)=%%.

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