[SalesForce] ExactTarget API Integration

I'm trying to integrate with the https://auth.exacttargetapis.com/v1/requestToken endpoint to receive an AuthToken to communicate with the Salesforce REST API, like here.

I created a Connected App and received my Consumer Key and Consumer Secret (clientId & clientSecret) but I keep receiving the following error when I try to post my credentials to the endpoint:

  "message": "Unauthorized",
  "errorcode": 1,
  "documentation": ""

That is the crux of my issue which could be a number of different things, but here is some other pertinent information:

  • The User I created the Connected App with, my own user, is a "System Administrator" with "API Enabled" checked
  • I am on a free version, I have not paid for any license
  • I have selecetd all possible scopes for the Connected App under "Selected OAuth Scopes"
  • I allowed "all users to self-authorize" as via this answer
  • I an unable to find the "API Integration Component" as described here under the Package Manager / Installed Packages fields, which seems to be a point of importance in all the docs that I have seen.

Best Answer

I think the issue here is you created connected app in salesforce ORG and not in marketing cloud. Marketing cloud does not provide a free/trial account(I suppose there is a way to get demo account for partners).

The link which you have shared itself says that you need to create a package in Marketing cloud. After creating this package you will get client id and client secret.

From Doc:

Create an installed package in your Marketing Cloud account to create API integrations, install custom apps, or add custom Journey Builder components.

The Rest APIs which you want to access are Marketing cloud APIs not the Salesforce Rest APIs, So you need to create a package in Marketing cloud account.

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