[SalesForce] exacttarget Automation studio : cannot schedule the Automation

I tried to schedule automation for filter activity in Automation Studio but cannot and gives me the error::

"Automation Saved, With Problems. "AUTOMATION_TEST 20140429" saved but not scheduled. Specified schedule was invalid.

And i Define the Schedule as the following :

Start : 2014-04-30 at 6:00

time zone : set

Repeat : Daily every : 1 Day

End : never

–Any idea?

Best Answer

Kelly was almost right here - it is actually the time that is the problem.

When selecting from the drop down list for the time (in my case at least), I have the choice of 0:00 - 23:30 (24hr format) and the text then displays as so when selected in the drop down.

The time however needs to be in 12 hour format e.g. '13:30' needs to be '1:30 PM' - so using the drop-down is pointless for us right now.

I have reported the bug to ET, but for the time being this is the solution that our marketers are having to use.

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