[SalesForce] Flow : Formula for record name on update

I'm pretty (very) new with Salesforce Flows.

I'm trying to rename child records, after the parent has been created.

It basically replicates what is in this video, but with different objects

My issue is with the naming of my child records :
My objective is to name the records with "Parent Record Name" & " " & "some other value stored on a field of the child object"

So my assignment is as below, and names the record
enter image description here

Detail of the formula :
"OtherFieldFromChildRecord" would be where i would like to reference a value stored on the child record.
enter image description here

I can manage to get the {!$Record.Name}, but how can i manager the other field value?

Many thanks,
enter image description here

Best Answer

Hey you can use Resource type as a formula

and formula will be like that

enter image description here

So from that loop variable, it will always take the latest one, and you can select any field from that.

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