[SalesForce] How to automate finding and deleting a person’s data in Marketing Cloud

I would to know what ways are available to find all instances of a person's data and delete it in Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget). I have a list of People that we need to delete out of Marketing Cloud. We have an ID for them and their email. I need to delete them from All Subscibers, Data Extensions, their tracking data and any related rows in Data Views. I know the is no find all rows search in the UI or delete based on criteria so I assume we have to use the API.

Can I delete from all these locations via the API and if so which one?

Can anyone that has already done this give any tips?


Best Answer

There is an own functionality for this. Import all those records (subscriber-keys) to a particular dataextension. Let Salesforce support enable Contact Delete process for you (no costs).

When it is enable click inside the contact builder and you will find a contact delete button on the top right, where you can select a data extension for all records you want to delete.

Be aware that you have to set the contact delete configuration (how many days they will be kept under suppress status inside contact configuration).

When you delete the contact you will delete the contacts on every dataextension and in dataviews.

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