[SalesForce] How to capture Social Media feeds in Salesforce

We have a requirement of Capturing the following to get converted to SFDC cases?

  • Tweets having mentions to our Company Name
  • Comments in FB page
  • Linkedin Posts

Does anyone know any API which sends us such realtime data?

Can I use hubspot to achieve this?

Best Answer

I've not worked on HubSpot, but that appears to have functionality to do what you are looking for with the Social Media integration.

I'm sure your Salesforce Account Manager will mention Social Studio as to you as it is their native solution. I've worked with it a bit and it is a good tool but not a cheap option.

With Social Studio it is possible to listen on the channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and have it creating Salesforce Social Accounts, Contacts and Cases from the Social Account feed.

You can customise the handling of social media posts by customising the Apex code template that Salesforce provide. I should be possible to do this with the integration with HubSpot too.

I should also mention the Saleforce for Twitter and Facebook AppExchange tool as this is free so a good starting point to trial things around social media.

There is also LinkedIn Salesnavigator on the AppExchange and Ebsta have a LinkedIn integration tool but that is more about managing the contacts.

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