[SalesForce] How to convert list data into json in APEX


I have tried something like this and I get no errors but does not display anything in the system.debug.

    String JSONString = JSON.serialize(mapWrapper);
    system.debug('JSONString : ' + JSONString );


Is there way to convert object list into json output?

Defined map as following:

Map<string, List<WrapperDay>>  mapWrapper = new Map<string, List<WrapperDay>>();


mapWrapper: {Monday=(WrapperDay:[index=0, record=employee:[isAllDay=false, selectedDay=Monday, selectedSection=1, selectedTo=3]]), Tuesday=(WrapperDay:[index=0, record=employee:[isAllDay=false, selectedDay=Tuesday, selectedSection=3, selectedTo=3]], WrapperDay:[index=1, record=bannerAdTimeClass:[isAllDay=false, selectedDay=Tuesday, selectedSection=4, selectedTo=3]])}

Best Answer

Fortunately Salesforce has a class to serialize and deserialize JSON. In this documentation you can find examples on how to serialize and deserialize. The examples work with single objects, but I believe you can get those in a loop and process multiple objects (like your list of custom type).


You probably have something wrong in your code or in your logic. The following example works just fine for me:

public class Fruit {
    public Boolean isEdible;
public class Tree {
    public String fruit;
    public Integer age;
    public List<Fruit> fruits;

public String parse(){
    Tree t1 = new Tree();
    t1.fruit = 'Apple';
    t1.age = 5;

    Tree t2 = new Tree();
    t2.fruit = 'Orange';
    t2.age = 3;

    Fruit f1 = new Fruit();
    Fruit f2 = new Fruit();
    f1.isEdible = true;
    f2.isEdible = false;

    t1.fruits = new List<Fruit>{f1, f2};
    t2.fruits = new List<Fruit>{f2, f2};
    return JSON.serialize(new List<Object>{t1, t2});


and it gives me:


Maybe you should try to serialize a list instead of a Map object? I don't know if this can be the issue in your case.

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