[SalesForce] How to escape commas in exported .csv / custom .csv delimiter

I am running a report and exporting a .csv for use with our mail system.

The mail system uses comma delimiting, this causes an issue with merging when it encounters a comma in the Organization column.

For instance, If the Organization column contains Company Name, Inc. for a specific record then the merge will place Company Name in the Org column and Inc. in the following Lead Source column.

Can I setup Salesforce to escape the commas in some way, or can I configure it to use a different delimiter method for exported .csv, like pipes?

Best Answer

I just did a quick Export as CSV test from a report. All the export values were wrapped by double-quotes.


"Company Name", "Phone"
"Company Name, Inc.", "123545"

This should indicate that the comma in the company name isn't a delimiter. What is the mail-system? There might be something wrong with their CSV implementation.

From RFC 4180:

Fields containing line breaks (CRLF), double quotes, and commas should be enclosed in double-quotes.

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