[SalesForce] How to get “Developer” bugs logged with Technical Support

I recently found a bug, which I mentioned on The Force.com Discussion Boards, as well as submitting a case, and after a few days fumbling around with the case, they closed it by saying that they only provide this type of support for Premier Support customers.

Is there a better channel for reporting bugs than by submitting a case, or is there something "special" we have to do? I realize this question is similar to reporting – How to Report a Salesforce Issue, except that I've already gone the route of Known Issues, as suggested by the answer there (i.e. submitting a case), to no avail.

How can I make sure that a bug like this can find its way to someone capable of at least confirming that the behavior was expected? This behavior isn't documented anywhere, and so I assume that it's a bug that needs to be addressed.

Best Answer

I would suggest posting the issue you found here as a question and then using other channels to get Salesforce people to take a look at it. I've found Twitter especially useful for bringing issues to people's attention. There are also several Salesforce employees lurking here on StackExchange.

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