[SalesForce] How to implement lightning app on the components

Is anyone familiar with this issue?

"Failed to save undefined: markup://c:Calendar:7,111: Invalid
attribute "name": Source "

I've followed the tutorial on this link Tutorial, when I try to save I get an error.

My sample components structure:

<aura:attribute name="greeting" type="String" default="Hello" />
<aura:attribute name="subject" type="String" default="World" />
<div style="box">
    <span class="greeting">{!v.greeting}</span>, {!v.subject}!

    <design:attribute name="subject" label="Subject" description="Name of the person you want to greet" />
    <design:attribute name="greeting" label="Greeting" type="picklist" datasource="Hello,Hola,Bienvenue,Shalom" />


Best Answer

Ahh, I already found it. Wrong structure of component. design:component must be in design section under component properties Component, Controller, Helper, Style, etc.

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