[SalesForce] How to monitor running data extracts

I've create a Data extract Activity and started it; got message "Successfully started the data extract(s)". Now according to documentations, the extracted data file should be present at "export" folder for the Enhanced FTP site. But to my dismay, the file is not getting generated there and I do not have a clue why.

Do we have a way to monitor Data extracts or some logs to view so that I may track what is going on and why the file is not getting extracted?

Site I am checking: ftp://ftp1.exacttarget.com

imgur.com/9EVwRg4 and enter image description here

Best Answer

Data extracts place files into a staging server once completed. After placed on the staging server, you have to then use a file transfer activity to move the file from the staging server to your Enhanced FTP server.

You will want this activity to be set to download, and the file name should match the expected data extract file name.

Run the data extract activity and file transfer activity as an automation, with the first step as the extract, and on completion, run the file transfer.

When you define a data extract, you choose the events you want to extract. The application creates a separate CSV file for each event and includes them together in the ZIP file.

Your naming pattern for multiple files, should end with .zip and not .csv for multiple data types selected.

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