[SalesForce] How to query multiple object query in jitterbit dataloader

I am using jitterbit dataloader want to integrate(send data from sql to salesforce) sql to salesforce.

In jitterbit i had quered one object(account) and able to send data from sql to salesforce.

But i am having 2 objects account with 2 queries and contact with name as one common field.

select name from account ;
select name from contact;–>are 2 queries but i want to join all two of them and send all details

how to join 2 queries in jitterbit dataloader and update it in 2 objects sfdc

Best Answer

  • If you are on a trial (non-commercial), use JDBC driver and write a manual Sql statement to query multiple objects simultaneously.
  • In a commercial version, you can either write manual sql statements or in the wizard you can pick multiple objects.
  • If you are using a commercial trial version, you can get a service engineer to help you. Send email to support@jitterbit.com

Refer this official Jitteribt forum link for details.

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