[SalesForce] How to track REST API usage by 3rd party application

I am running out of API calls. I want to know what apps or processes are using API calls. I am not writing an app, merely using apps from the App Store.

I can see how many API calls have been used, but I don't know what application is making them.

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This SF help page mentions the API Usage report which sounds great until you see that it can't track REST API calls. 😐

From the article:

NOTE: This report displays SOAP API usage, but REST API (including
Bulk API) calls are not included in the report, which might explain
why the data displayed in the report does not match the figure
returned by the System Overview page.

Not super helpful because I don't know what protocol the different apps are using, and I still don't know what apps are using my API calls.

How can I figure out what apps and processes are using all my API requests?

Best Answer

You can use "Event Log" to dig into details .

You can use workbench tool to dig deeper into these event logs with types as SOAP and REST API .

More info here


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