[SalesForce] I am not able to pass bamboo variables in build.xml . What is missing

I have declared global variable in bamboo as

sf_username and sf_password

This is my job (ANT job in bamboo) :-

 deployCode -Dsfdc.username = ${bamboo.sf_username} -Dsfdc.password = ${bamboo.sf_password}

and this is build.xml (part where I declare deployCode)

<target name="deployCode" depends="proxy">

        runAllTests="false" />

I think , I have followed the documentation but still not able to pass global variables when I run ANT job. What is my mistake ? Any help please..

log when i echo

02-Jul-2015 11:45:24    deployCode:
02-Jul-2015 11:45:24         [echo] Performing the deploy XXXXX
02-Jul-2015 11:45:24         [echo] **${sfdc.passowrd}** and mnimbal@xxx.com.xxx

Best Answer

I have the answer ... someone teach me English!

password != passowrd

it's a typo in build.xml and I spent all morning fixing it.

P.S. ( I have updated the question so typo is corrected).

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