[SalesForce] Image not getting displayed in exported excel from VF page

I am exporting a VF page as Excel document. But i cant seem to get the logo put to display in the exported excel sheet.
All i get for the image is red X

I did see some post to upload the image as document and use the document url to display the image.

How to display image from Static Resource in Excel sheet (generated from VF Page)

Referencing Externally Available Images Absolute URL with My Domain?

In one of the post, they have asked to use the following url

What does the id and oid represent ?


Best Answer

The oid is the org ID (Setup -> Company Profile -> Company Information -> Salesforce.com Organization ID) and the id is a Document ID. If the Document has "Externally Available Image" set the URL will allow access without authentication which is what you probably want from your spreadsheet.

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