[SalesForce] Installing SFDX

I am trying to install sfdx on my windows 64 to create lwc, I have VS code with salesforce extension and lwc extension. I downloaded sfdx cli from here.

After installing cli, I setup the system variables to point to salesforce cli\bin. Now when I am going to VS code terminal and use the command sfdx plugins I get the message "no plugins installed", if I try to update the cli with sfdx update I get the error "S3 host is not reachable.". I am able to check the version with sfdx -v and the version is "sfdx-cli/6.51.1-ba7205094b (windows-x64) node-v8.9.4".

Am I missing any step?


Best Answer

I got the same issue "S3 host is not reachable" when i tried to install it in my office network (which is on proxy), so i tried to connect to a normal network (without proxy) and i was able to install it.

How are you "creating the project" using command line of directly from vscode plugin, I think there should be an issue with class path for CLI

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