[SalesForce] Is it possible to redirect to correct community url if user makes mistake in community url

There are two communities in the org: https://myorg.force.com/Invest and https://myorg.force.com/Acquired.

It is working as expected when user is providing correct URL but if user is making any misktake in url like instead of 'Invest' if user gives 'invest', then it throws the message like: https://myorg.force.com/Acquired is under construction.

Is it possible to redirect to correct url if user provides 'invest' instead of 'Invest'. I only need this in scenario when user is giving 'invest'. I know I can't edit underConstruction page as it default salesforce page.

Best Answer

Since any site URL was getting redirected to https://myorg.force.com/Acquired,I have added site URL redirects in 'Acquired' site rather than in 'Invest'.

Source URL: /investigators and Target URL :https://myorg.force.com/Investigators/login.

This setting was successfully redirecting to desired page.

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