[SalesForce] Is it possible to stop or redirect auto reply messages when sending emails out with Exact Target

We send quite a lot of campaigns out everyday using Exact Target and the out of office / auto replies can fill an inbox very quickly. Is there a way to stop us receiving the automatic responses / re-divert them to another set up mail box for this purpose alone?

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Best Answer

I would setup Reply Mail Management to delete auto-replies and out-of-office replies. Refer to the RMM documentation which explains:

When you configure RMM, you indicate how you want the reply rules to identify and respond to the replies that subscribers send:

Delete auto-replies and out-of-office replies. If you select Yes, RMM deletes messages that contain any of the following terms in the message header, email Subject line, email From address, or the first 200 characters of the email body. If you select No, RMM forwards the messages to a forwarding address that you specify.

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