[SalesForce] Javascript confirm() not working in Chrome Extension

I am running a chrome extension that has an input from the user in a prompt(), this will then run through a few functions and should ultimately run a confirm().

However, when I am doing this everything is working fine, but I am then getting the following on the confirm():

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

This is only happening once I click on the Chrome Extension, before I click on it confirm() works correctly :/

function resetPassword(id, name, email) {
    var confirm = confirm("Please confirm the Password rest of '" + name + "' (" + email + ")");
    if (confirm == true) {
        /* Checks the user and marks them as deactivated */
       var password = sforce.connection.resetPassword(id);
    } else alert("Password Reset Cancelled!");

I am VERY confused here… I have only been using .js for a few months so I am baffled!

Best Answer

Change you code to e.g.:

var c = confirm(...);
if (c) {

Your local variable is hiding (shadowing) the function because it has the same name.

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