[SalesForce] Lost admin ability to edit profiles

Before, I was able to edit all profiles, but now i lost the edit button to profiles.
Is there is any setting involved in this or did I do something wrong?

I am a system administrator, I am able to do any thing with other profiles and user, but now I lost ability to edit the other profiles in sandbox, but in production I am still able to do so.

Myprofile view is also changed .it is showing like permission set view as profile view

Best Answer

The new UI changes how profiles are created and edited, but the full functionality still exists; you simply have to navigate to the appropriate areas. However, for now, if you want to get back to the old view, visit Setup > Customize > User Interface and turn off the new profile UI. I would recommend you get comfortable with the new UI before too long, however, since that is likely to become the standard UI over the next few releases.

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