[SalesForce] Need Help with Validation Rule(s) on Stage Changes

Need help with validation rules:
Just found out our salespeople are not required to move their opportunities stage by stage. In other words, they can go from ‘Set Meeting’ to ‘Negotiation’ and bypass the other stages (see below matrix). Based on the matrix below, can you help me with the validation rules? Do I have to create several rules or use “OR” statements?

Note: the check marks mean at that stage a revenue/forecast amount is required.

The only stages we need validation rules begin with “Term Sheet Out” to “Sold / Shipped”.
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Best Answer

I would say it generally depends on whether or not you want to have an individualized "Error message" for the validation rules. To restrict the user, you can use both OR statements or separate validation rules. But you'd have to use a more general error text, which would be either be too long to read (if you write the whole set of rules to the error message) or would not tell the user what is expected from him (if you write some short general message). I would go for separate rules and more descriptive error message.

Regards, Tomas

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