[SalesForce] ny sort of HTML-to-string functionality in AMPScript

I'm pulling an RSS feed into my landing page using code similar to this:

So, I've got all that code sitting inside a single variable right now. When I print out that single variable on a landing page, I get nicely-formatted HTML, and the HTML displays very nicely.

But, I really want the HTML code to be converted into a string so that the browser won't try to interpret and display the formatted HTML. I'd like to just print a big block of HTML code inside my landing page.

Isn't there some sort of functionality where I can turn a chunk of HTML into a string?

How would you accomplish this? Is it even possible to do this with AMPScript?

Edit: I can't delete this question, but I didn't explain the problem clearly enough or specifically enough to allows others to offer useful advice. I'll need to think of a better way to state the question and repost.

Best Answer

Wrapping the @html variable in <xmp> worked for me:


Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1756164/how-to-print-code-on-html

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