[SalesForce] Page View Counts

  1. If your page is calling a component that serves as sidebar in your page, does it counts as page view?

  2. I placed some images in Documents Object and not in Static Resource because there would be time that the images must be updated and we want to avoid doing the updates via codes so that non-developers could update it themselves. Question is, does images in Documents object also counts as page view?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

As specified in the limitations area, anything that invokes a Visualforce page will count as a page view. From my experimentation, it appears that Documents are not subject to bandwidth or page view limits, although it is hard to confirm, because I don't have a Site configured that has a page view limit (DE doesn't have normal limit for page views).

Components within a Visualforce page don't normally incur extra page views, unless they invoke code that causes a page to load or call a Visualforce remoting method. Similarly, pages that are included within pages don't accumulate extra views either, but there is a limit on maximum CPU time that will be affected by this.

Static resources should be used when possible because of the caching benefits and CDN benefits (faster loading, better caching, etc). Administrators can change static resources as easily as a document-- they just go to a different area to perform the swap.