[SalesForce] Pass value to controller from Visualforce

I know there are other questions similar to this but I could not figure out a way to solve my issue.
In my Visualforce page, I have a repeater – I need to call the controller method to get data from another object using ID from the repeater object.


  <apex:repeat var="a" value="{!articles}">            
        <!-- this is how I am setting the ArticleId variable in apex ---NOT WORKING -->
        <apex:param name="ArticleId" value="{!(a.Article_Id__c)}" assignTo="{!ArticleId}"/>          

        <!setFaqAnswer>  <!-- Calling the method -->
        <div class="divQuestion" "> {!a.Title__c} </div>
        <div class="divSummary" > {!a.Summary__c} </div>
        <div  class="divAnswer" > {!faq.Answer__c} </div>  <!--   <-- Using the faq object here -->


public FAQ faq {get;private set;}

public Id ArticleId {
    get; set;

public void setFaqAnswer {
    get {
        try {
            faq = [select Answer__c, Links__c from FAQ__kav where KnowledgeArticleId = :ArticleId and IsVisibleInPkb = true];
        catch (QueryException qe) {
            System.debug('@@@@' + qe); // <-- Not being able to view this in setup>log>debug logs

Best Answer

Build your data structure in your controller class using a wrapper (AKA decorator) class such as this:

public class ArticleWrapper {
    public Article Art {get; set;}
    public FAQ__kav Faq {get; set;}

And then make your repeater loop round a list of the ArticelWrapper classes.

You can't use Visualforce repeaters in the same way you use for loops in apex - do the apex bit first, then use the repeater purely for generating the user interface.

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