[SalesForce] Picklist values for Master record type

Our Salesforce org is largely vanilla, out of the box design. We use the Standard Object Contact with no modifications. Now we have an app that is going to use Contact in a slightly different way with just a few modifications. There will be a new page layout (some fields removed) and a Record type for the new Contact type. Also, we need to add a couple of new values to the picklist field Lead Source and all of this will be controlled by a new Profile (clone of Standard User).

I am not sure how I keep the new picklist values from showing up for Standard Users, though. I know how to do the opposite – it's controlled by Record Type. So do I have to create a Record type and corresponding Page Layout to represent the default\Master state just to remove the new picklist values from the Lead Source field?

Best Answer

Yes you will need to create a new page layout/record type if you want to give visibility to one group while hiding it from another group.

So you would have contact record type A: (original layout) then contact Record Type B: (customized layout)

You then can assign the correct layouts by record type for the profiles you wish to view the new picklist values

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