[SalesForce] Prevent user from editing or deleting a validation rule

I have a validation rule on Account object that prevent users, belonging to certain profiles, to edit a field. There is no issue with validation rule.

Problem is, when I login as the user who is prevented from editing a field, I can access validation rule and can edit/delete it.

I searched in Profile/Permission set for any such checkbox which prevent users from accessing validation rules but I found nothing.

How do I prevent user from editing/deleting a validation rule?!

Best Answer

These permissions required for creating and editing validation rules:

To view field validation rules: View Setup and Configuration

To define or change field validation rules: Customize Application

You can find these permissions under system permission of profile or Permission set.

Basically if you have standard profile then you can't remove them also removing these permission you will lost a lot of other setup access too so keep that in mind.