[SalesForce] ‘Reply’ & ‘Reply to All’ button missing from email message feed when using custom emailpublisher

Hi i have a very simple email publisher to replace the original one :->

<apex:page standardController="Case" >
    <apex:emailPublisher entityId="{!case.id}"

So i remove the standard 'Answer Customer' action and add in my custom emailpublisher in. Now all my email message record feed doesn't have the 'Reply' & 'Reply to All' button. What have i missed out? Basically what I want to achieve is I want the sender to default as our support email instead of user's personal email.

With Answer Customer Action

enter image description here

Without Answer Customer action (replaced with my custom email publisher)

enter image description here

Best Answer

If you click on View Email link below, you will find the "Reply" or "Reply All" button. If you want those button to be displayed on the same case feed page as in standard behavior. I have raised an Idea with salesforce. You can vote there.



Thanks! Sanjay Kumar

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