[SalesForce] Restrict Contacts only related to Account that is associated to a Custom Object

I am trying to restrict the users ability to Select contacts to only those related to the Account. Here is the Structure:
On the Custom Object there is a Master-Detail(Account) lookup. I also have a Contact Lookup field which is the one I want to filter. I thought I could use a filter and have the it work like this:
Sales Program: Account ID equals to Field Sales Program: Account ID.
The issue is that I do not see Sales Program: Account ID just Sales Program: Account. Is this because I have the relationship of the custom object to Account is set as a Master-Details relationship?

Sales Program Object with Contact field filter

Best Answer

Even if you see Sales Program: Account it will work as if referring to Sales Program: Account Id. Once you save the filter you'll see in Filter Criteria that it is saved as the Id.

I agree that this is confusing GUI by Salesforce.

So just go ahead and create the filter!

I did the same in my org and when creating the filter like this: enter image description here

It ends up saving it like this (note the ID is added after Site:Account: enter image description here

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