[SalesForce] Salesforce Org to Org Object migration

I have developer edition, I am new to salesforce started moving the objects from org to org and I'm not sure what is the best way to do that I have read few sites but does not really help and I have downloaded Eclipse and also Force.IDE

any pointers or guidance?

Best Answer

There are different ways to deploy metadata changes. Here are few pointers for each of the available options:

  1. Change Sets: This is an easy point and click option.
  2. Eclipse : More suited for devs who are comfortable setting up projects in eclipse:
  3. ANT: This is the best option for large set of metadata migration. A good set of resources for this is available

Further References: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/577346/salesforce-how-to-deploy-between-environments-sandboxes-live-etc

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