[SalesForce] SBQQ__ProductCode__c not visible in Tested Field in Error Condition of product rule

I am trying to learn CPQ.

My scenario is: I need to add product B in the cart if product A is added.

I have created product rule, added action.

I need to verify if product A is added using SBQQ__ProductCode__c.

For this, I am adding Error condition in the product rule.

I have selected Product Option in Tested Object and trying to select SBQQ__ProductCode__c in Tested Field but only seeing Unit Price:

enter image description here

What I may be missing here?

Best Answer

I have just solved this one, had the same issue as I am doing some self paced training as well today. There is another step required beyond adding the picklist value to the SBQQ__TestedField__c field.

This picklist has a controlling picklist, called SBQQ__TestedObject__c and you need to update the field dependencies on this controlling field to include the picklist value you want to see when the object is selected.

See I've added Location___c to the 'Configuration Attributes' picklist value

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