[SalesForce] SOQL query to load all documents in a content library

I am trying to query for all the documents in a library using the BULK API. The SOQL query I use is

SELECT ContentDocument.Id,ContentDocument.CreatedDate,ContentDocument.LastModifiedDate,ContentDocument.IsDeleted,ContentDocument.SystemModstamp,ContentDocument.Title,ContentWorkspace.Name 
FROM ContentWorkspaceDoc

This will give me all the information for the latest version of each document. When I execute this query via the BULK API I get an error –

'InvalidBatch : Failed to process query: FUNCTIONALITY_NOT_ENABLED: Foreign Key Relationships not supported in Bulk Query'

What should SOQL query (usable with the BULK API) be for fetching document from a content library?

Best Answer

It seems SOQL queries with relationships are not supported in Bulk API.

There is an idea posted here

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