[SalesForce] Tab is not visible after tab default on

I have a address object where Account is the master object. Sharing setting said address is controlled by parent . Account is private . My requiremnt is all user can create and update address. So I have turned on tab address for all profiles and gave obj permission read/create/edit . But after deploying to QA sandbox, when I log in as any user I dont find my address tab to create address as user. I thought app does not have tab added, so I added address tab for that app. but still I cant see the tab as any user. Could anybody help what I am doing wrong here or any solution please. enter image description here

Best Answer

The problem you're having is that even though the profile's tab setting is "Default On," you have not overridden the users' current settings in the apps. New users assigned to that app would see the tab automatically, but existing users need to have their settings updated. To do this, edit the app you placed the tab in (Setup > Create > Apps), and immediately below the multi-select list for the tabs, you'll see an option that reads "Overwrite Users' Personal Custom App Customizations." You need to check this box in order to reset the tabs for all users.

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