[SalesForce] Truncate or delete all records in a custom object

Using SOQL, how do I truncate an object or delete all rows. For example

DELETE (Select id FROM MyObject__c)


delete [select Id FROM MyObject__c]



All 3 example commands in the Developer console returns:

The query has to start with 'FIND' or 'SELECT'

Best Answer

You can't perform any DML using SOQL. The 'Q' stands for 'Query'.

If you want to use Execute Anonymous, then you can use:

delete [select id from myobject__c limit 10000];

However, this has a 10,000 row limit, so that might not be appropriate in all cases.

Salesforce can query 50,000 records at a time but due to governor limit it'll allow only 10,000 DML operation

The only way to perform a quick truncate would be to use the UI to initiate the truncate.