[SalesForce] Unable to access Salesforce Lightning Experience in Microsoft Edge Browser

Today I am facing a very weird situation when I log in using Microsoft Edge Browser.
Then I am unable to open any settings in Salesforce Lightning Experience.
But it is working fine in another browser, can you please provide me the solutions to fix this isse=ue.
I believe I need to fix some settings in the MS Edge browser.

Please find the Error steps below, thanks in advance.

Asking for Login again & again

Best Answer

Issue is due to the change in SameSite cookie behavior on the Edge Chromium browser.

Please try the below steps

  1. Go to edge://flags
  2. Choose "Disabled" from the drop-downs against SameSite by default cookies and Cookies without SameSite must be secure flags

And The fix for this browser issue is available in Winter ’21.

Kindly review more details here