[SalesForce] Unable to Install Managed Package Get Error: Missing Organization Feature: DandBEnterprise

I am migrating our company's metadata from our development org into our enterpirse org using a managed package. However, whenenver I try to install the package in my enterprise org I get the following error.

Missing Organization Feature: DandBEnterprise

From what I understand I need to either enable DandBEnterprise in the enterprise org or disable it in the development org. I have looked everywhere but I am unable to find a solution to this problem.

Best Answer

This might be an issue because you might have added D&B fields in your package for account or contact records .

If your package is not managed released you can get rid off this fields from the package .I would get away these fields from the development org and get rid of dependency

Additionally double check these boxes are unchecked

enter image description here

Also check if you have included the fields in the page layout or any other metadata .Using an eclipse IDE would be helpful to pull package metadata and run a search against it

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