[SalesForce] Unexpected element. Parser was expecting element but found ‘:HEAD’

I am trying to do the operation from apex data loader and am getting the below error:

enter image description here

You are seeing that this error had occurred after processing of 14,400 records. But if I re-run the process again from starting, I am getting the same error message again at say after processing of 15,600 records. Similarly in the next try I am getting this error at say after processing of 4,000 records.

This is only happening when I do this at my office. But strange thing is that if I do the same operation at home, I am able to accomplish my task successfully with out any error.

So, please help me to trouble shoot this issue. Is this issue related to firewall/web-sense?

Best Answer

Hi Avijit as your Error prompt is telling that there are some unwanted data item at certain row of your csv file.that is not parsed by data loader.However when you are doing the same work at your home that is doing fine.So it seems that you are using different vendors application to do that like at office you are using open office or at home you are using MS office.because i think if your firewall/web-sense would be the issue then it would't give you to upload even one record.


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