[SalesForce] use a Lightning Component in the Winter ’16 Lightning Experience

I created both a Lightning App, and a Lightning Component, and I can't find solid documentation on using either in the Winter '16 Lightning Experience. Can anyone direct me to documentation using either of these?

Best Answer

In addition to Jenny B's comment, here's a list of where you can use the components (with tutorial links):

Basically, you can surface your components in the Salesforce1 navigation menu by implementing the force:appHostable interface and creating a custom tab for it. Similarly, you can make them available via the App Launcher in Lightning Experience. Those tutorials show you how. You might also be interested in the Lightning App Builder Trailhead and the Communities Developer Guide.

Another useful way of surfacing the components in Lightning Experience via the Lightning App Builder is shown at 52:00 of this youtube video. Update: This might not be GA yet.