[SalesForce] What’s the best way to enter a contract start/end date in an Opportunity

I want to keep track of how long each opportunity is for, a 3 or 6 or 12 month contract for example, and report off this info. Should I just add a start/end date or is there a better way to enter this info?

Best Answer

Case 1:

If Opportunities have fixed set of contract period, then create picklist "3 months", "6 months", "12 months" etc.

Also this created picklist can be a dependent picklist and could be available only when Parent picklist is set to some value (say "Closed Won").

Case 2:

If Opportunities can have variable months or years, then create "Start Date" and "End Date". Create an another formula field which calculates the difference between End Date and Start Date in months and name it as "Contract Period".

Now, "Contract Period" field can be used in reports as per your requirement.

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