[SalesForce] Whether a bread crumb can be added in Developer edition

Most of you could have seen links similar to « Back to List: Custom Object Definitions in many of the standard pages . The user permission needed to add this link were listed as

Site.com Publisher User field enabled on the user detail page
Site administrator or designer role assigned at the site level

even after assigning the role , i cant see any option to add the link . Is this available in Developer edition , if so how can i add it to my pages.

Best Answer

The documentation quoted is irrelevant to the question at hand. The « Back to List: Custom Object Definitions link is automatically provided on standard pages, and is determined by the last view you were looking at. As far as I am aware, Visualforce doesn't have a way to access what the "last list" was, so you cannot include this link in Visualforce pages (corrections welcome). You should note that this is a list, meaning that you have to view a list before this breadcrumb will appear. For example, if you click on the Contacts tab, then click "Go!" next to the "View" dropdown, then click on any record, the link changes to « Back to List: Contacts. If you do not view a list, you will not see this link. It is available in all editions, including Contact Edition, Group Edition, Professional Edition, Performance Edition, Unlimited Edition, and Developer Edition.

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