[SalesForce] Which Salesforce License is required to use Dev Hub (beta)

Today I've tried to enable the new Dev Hub for some of our Developers. Dev Hub itself is working only for me as I am using a Salesforce license with the Profile System Administrator. Since the Devs are not involved in selling activities, we use Plattform Licenses (Force.com) for them.

Now the devs should be able to use the Dev Hub.

I was able to create the Permission Set as described here.

But as I'm trying to assign the permissio set, I get only an error complaining about the license type.

Is there any way to allow these licenses to use the dev hub? If not, why such an restriction? It does not make sense to provide them with a Sales Cloud License.

Best Answer

Salesforce plans to bring a new License type for this come Winter 18.


We are working on providing a new type of free user license in the partner business org which will let you onboard developers in to the Dev Hub. Since the Dev Hub's primary purpose is to spin up scratch orgs, it can be shared across the different projects/customers you're working with. Alternatively, a customer can create a user for SI devs in their Dev Hub in which case you would use their scratch allocations.

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