Baking – How to get chewy chocolate chip cookies


My chocolate chips cookies are always too crisp. How can I get chewy cookies, like those of Starbucks?

Thank you to everyone who has answered. So far the tip that had the biggest impact was to chill and rest the dough, however I also increased the brown sugar ratio and increased a bit the butter. Also adding maple syrup helped.

Best Answer

I like my chocolate chip cookies chewy too and I do it all the time. Here is what I do:

  • Flour: I use a higher gluten flour instead of AP, such as Bread flour.
  • Eggs: An additional egg yolk will help
  • Sugar: A bigger Brown Sugar to Sugar ratio helps but not vital if you do not have brown sugar at hand.
  • Butter: Butter should be melted. I think this is the key to chewiness.

The recipe is straightforward: cream butter with sugar, add wet ingredients, incorporate dry ingredients slowly and lastly add the chips.

Be sure to chill the dough for at least 30 min. The more you rest, the better. See this NY Times Article for effects of resting the dough.