Eggs – How to make a fried egg with completely cooked white but completely runny yolk


I like a fried egg with all the white cooked, yet all the yolk runny.

I normally do this by separating the yolk and white, and putting the yolk in halfway through.

Anybody know an easier way?

Best Answer

Tips for perfect fried egg:

  • Temperature of your pan is the key. (low - medium)
  • Do not flip the egg (this will cook the top too fast and bye bye to runny golden yolk)
  • Halfway through the cooking take a lid for the pan put a small bit of water in it and close the lid on it for a few minutes. (Too much water and your eggs are wet when you pull them, too little and the effect is not noticed.)

The end result, if you do it right is the white cooked, the outer yellow cooked but inside runny golden and good. If you do it too short the white will not cook through, too long and you over cook but I have been doing it this way for awhile.