How to make chicken liver less explosive


I like fried chicken livers with onions quite a bit, and they are very quick and easy to make… unfortunately quick and easy doesn't translate to safe.

These livers explode HARD. And of course they splash big globs hot oil/fat everywhere as result. The splash guard is the obvious solution for the main part, except for when I need to flip/stir them, avoiding burns is a challenge. Even when reheating them in microwave they explode, splattering bits of liver and onion all over the oven.

Any tips how to contain their explosive nature?

Best Answer

You have a few options to lower their explosiveness:

  • Pierce the skin, like you do before baking a potato.
  • Lower your frying temperature can help a bit, but you'll probably always need to use a temperature higher than the boiling point to get any kind of crisping action.
  • Dehydrate the liver a bit before frying. You could use a dehydrator, a low-and-slow oven bake or a low temperature, low oil sauté to get them to release their juices (like you do for browning some mushrooms). I don't know which of these will work best for liver, but naturally you'll lose a little bit of the final juiciness.

You mention the splash guard, which I can't recommend enough. These numbers are cheap and easy to find.

wire mesh splash guard

But you can also protect your hands directly. I recommend something articulated, like this pair of silicon mold Storm Trooper styled oven mitts from Think Geek:

enter image description here