Rice – Why would I buy a rice cooker


A friend of mine I'm getting an apartment with next year said that we should invest in a rice cooker. I'm fairly adept in the kitchen and don't come from a family that uses a rice cooker so I would default to cooking rice in a pot. He seemed to think that he would buy a rice cooker only for the convenience of cooking rice without worrying about it. Is convenience the only reason? Is it worth it to buy one for the other things (not rice) you can cook in it?

Best Answer

I come from a culture where rice is our staple and I have a rice cooker. Here are some of the advantages from my perspective:

  1. Rice is perfect everytime – not stuck to the bottom, not watery, not mushy and stuck together, etc.
  2. If you make rice in a pot, and the heat is too high, it will boil and spill over creating a mess.
  3. You can switch the rice cooker on and go do other things, whereas it is dangerous to walk away from a stove.
  4. The rice cooker can be used for other things such as cooking lentils and steaming vegetables.
  5. Rice cookers are cheap.