What’s the proper way to muddle mint for a julep or mojito


Not a huge fan of the mojito, but my wife loves 'em. A good julep is another matter… But mine have a bad tendency to end up with lots of little mint pieces that get stuck in my teeth. So what's the proper way to prepare the mint in these drinks without ending up with a green leafy mess?

Best Answer

It's best to use a wooden pestle, but the back end of a wooden utensil can get the job done. Muddle the lime and sugar in the bottom of the glass first. The goal is to get a good syrup. Put a bit of mint (2 leaves) in last and lightly muddle so as not to break them up into bits. Add your ice to the top of the glass. Add your Rum, and then add your Club Soda then mix by moving your utensil up and down through the ice. Add a couple of mint leaves during this process. The ice will help bruise the mint during the mix. Finally, take about 12 mint leaves in your hands. Clap your hands together to bruise the leaves helping to induce the mint juice/flavor out. (I'll bet that rolling pin method would work well here). Jam the leaves down the ice with your utensil.