Drywall – How to repair damaged drywall seam


In a recent windstorm, a couple of shingles blew off my house. I had some water drip into my attic and seep through the drywall in my bedroom ceiling. As a result, a definitive section of seam tape came off.

I have included some photos below. What is the best way to repair this, please?

I suspect there will be a number of ways to go about this. If so, then my priorities in order of preference would be: simplicity, short repair time, cost, perfection of end result. (In other words, I would rather have a simple fix that looks good, than a complicated fix that is absolutely perfect.)

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

There's really only one right way to do this. It takes a bit of time, but it's not difficult or complicated.

You'll want to replace the tape to ensure that the seam doesn't propagate through the paint. Pick up some premixed topping compound (available in gallon or smaller buckets), and a short roll of joint tape (cheap enough to not bother experimenting with other types of paper).

Cut a length of tape just shorter than the repair, then cut 1/4" or so off one edge so it fits comfortably in the depression. Fill the depression with mud using a taping or putty knife, then lay the tape into it. Drag the knife over it to embed it in the mud.

At this point you can opt to walk away and let it dry, or try and skim over it now to save time. By letting it dry first you eliminate the risk of pulling the tape around or wrinkling it.

Skim once or twice more, dragging the knife at a low angle and pressing firmly. There should be very little sanding to do if you do this properly.