Electrical – Installing Coax & Cat6 in 2-Gang with Electrical


Using a 2-gang box, can I install a (1) outlet, (2) coax, and (3) Cat-6 line without code or interference issues?

I have an existing 1-gang box with electrical that I am running the coax and cat-6 towards. The new lines don't follow the electrical line, but I am unsure if having all the outlets so close may also cause interference or code issues.

Is it okay to put them all in the same box?

Best Answer

Yes you can, as long as you keep the conductors separated. However, you should likely avoid it if possible. Common practice is to keep power and communications circuits in separate stud bays.

National Electrical Code allows you to put power and communication circuits in the same box, as long as all the conductors are separated by a permanent barrier or listed device.

National Electrical Code 2014

Chapter 8 Communications Systems

Article 800 Communications Circuits

800.133 Installation of Communications Wires, Cables, and Equipment.

(A) Separation from Other Conductors.

(1) In Raceways, Cable Trays, Boxes, Cables, Enclosures and Cable Routing Assemblies.

(d) Electric Light, Power, Class 1, Non–Power-Limited Fire Alarm, and Medium-Power Network-Powered Broadband Communications Circuits in Raceways, Compartments, and Boxes. Communications conductors shall not be placed in any raceway, compartment, outlet box, junction box, or similar fitting with conductors of electric light, power, Class 1, non– power-limited fire alarm, or medium-power network-powered broadband communications circuits.

Exception No. 1: Where all of the conductors of electric light, power, Class 1, non–power-limited fire alarm, and medium-power network-powered broadband communications circuits are separated from all of the conductors of communications circuits by a permanent barrier or listed divider.

Here's an example of a listed device:

From a Carlon sales brochure

Carlon Low Voltage Divider Plate